Greenwood Course Information


The History of Greenwood Golf Club:

In the early 1960’s owners George Poston and Stan White started to construct the 18 hole golf course on open farm land. Stan White designed the layout and his specialty was the raised greens. The course was opened in late 1963..

Late one night in 1965 as George Poston was locking the gate at the entrance of Greenwood, his car slipped out of gear and rolled towards him and pinned him up against the fence killing him. Stan White purchased George’s shares and became sole owner.

In 1968, the Ministry of Transportation took over the northern section of the golf course, where the 402 is now. As compensation the ministry gave Stan a cash payout and an additional 50 acres to the west of Greenwood. Four new holes were built and the course was redesigned to what it is today. The project was finished in 1970. While constructing and shaping the new #13 hole, Stan White lost his wallet with a $1000.00 bill in it. It was never found. The existing clubhouse was built in 1968 with an expansion added in 1980.

Stan sold the business to Len Moore and Jim Baxter in 1972. Len Moore purchased Baxter’s shares in 1978. Many changes occurred to the course in the mid to late 70’s. In 1981 Norman Blount purchased shares from Len Moore.

In 1998, Len Moore sold his shares to Jon & Colleen Milos who took over in the fall of 1998. Over the next 10 years, many changes were made to the course to enhance play. New trees were planted, tees and greens were built, new ponds were added, and new mounds added to help define many of the holes.
In 2008, all of Greenwood’s shares were purchased by a local group which also owns Huron Oaks Golf Club. Today the membership can enjoy playing both golf courses.

With prevailing winds, elevated greens, and water coming into play on 8 golf holes, your game can be very challenging to make par.

Come out and play Greenwood Golf Course.

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