Lambton Junior Golf Tour

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About Us

Why we are here!

In recent years, there haven’t been many opportunities for the youth in our community to gain exposure to the game of golf with the assistance of an instructional program for those who wish to learn the game from professionals.  Additionally, a competitive void has evolved to challenge the skill sets of already established junior players through tournament play.

Competitively speaking, families navigate through the GAO Junior Pathway system in an attempt to piecemeal summer tournament schedules together.  Up until now, this could only be accomplished by registering with junior tours elsewhere beyond the borders of Lambton County.  Parents of children committed to tournament golf essentially need to travel to Windsor-Essex, London-Middlesex or the GTA and Golden Horseshoe area to compete.

Our Response.

Recognizing this and to address these shortcomings, a group of local stakeholders have become keenly interested in revamping the Sarnia-Lambton junior golf landscape through the creation of the Lambton Junior Golf Tour.

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