Rules and Regulations

Rules, Regulations And Golfing Etiquette

Huron Oaks and Greenwood have established guidelines for all members and patrons to follow. Etiquette is a set of standards used by golfers to establish proper conduct of players during the game to ensure the game is played in a fair and courteous manner. During play at the course, members and guests are to follow some common rules and courtesies to ensure that all are able to have an enjoyable game. These rules are described in the RCGA rules book and should be read by all players.

  • Slow play spoils the game for everyone. Please keep pace with the group in front of you.
  • No player should play until the players in front are out of range.
  • In the interest of all, players should play without delay.
  • Make a practice of REPAIRING at least 1 ball mark on a green whether YOUR’S or ANOTHER’S.
  • Rake the sand traps after hitting your ball. Replace divots on the course.
  • Do not litter or throw anything on the course.
  • Carts must be kept away from the greens and tees

SLOW PLAY: Players should always play their game as quickly as possible and keep up to the group in front, especially during busy times. It should only take a foursome at Huron Oaks, 4 1/2 hrs and Greenwood 4 hours to complete 18 holes.


Each member of the club will be assigned a hole according to the initial of their surname. Be sure to know your hole.

  • A #1
  • B #2
  • C #3
  • D #4
  • E,F #5
  • G #6
  • H #7
  • I,J #8
  • K #9
  • L #10
  • M #11
  • N,O #12
  • P #13
  • Q,R #14
  • S #15
  • T,U #16
  • V, W #17
  • X, Y, Z #18

Players should take extra care on their assigned hole. They are always to repair their own ball marks on the green and if time permits, repair others.

Players can help further by picking up garbage, filling in divots on tees or fairways and raking sand traps.

With a little extra effort on your hole, our course will be kept in outstanding shape and thereby create the most enjoyable playing conditions.

To reduce undue wear to the course, players should not take warm up or practice swings on the tees. If a divot is taken, it should be replaced and pressed down firmly. Before leaving a bunker, smooth over all holes and footprints made by you. If time permits, smooth over any others.

The rules of the R.C.G.A. shall govern all play and of the course except as modified by local rules set forth by the Golf Professional and tournament committees.

NO PLAY SHALL START ON ANY HOLE EXCEPT NO. 1 TEE, UNLESS otherwise authorized by the pro shop or starter, and players must register in the Pro Shop or with the Starter, when on duty.

No playing group shall be composed of more than 4 players.

Possession of alcohol other than that purchased from this establishment is “against the law”. You will be asked to surrender any unauthorized alcohol or leave the premises without refund. LCBO Regulation #719 (Section #33).

The Management of the Club shall have the authority to suppress disorderly conduct, games, or other activities which they consider are not in the best interest of the Club.

Dress Code Rules


  • Men’s golf shirt with collars, turtlenecks, mock necks and designer collarless golf shirts
  • Ladies sleeveless shirts must have collars; collarless shirts must have sleeves
  • Golf shoes must have soft spikes or running shoes; golf sandals must be worn with socks
  • Tailored slacks or standard golf length dress shorts


  • Jeans and jean shorts or cutoffs.
  • Tee-shirts, muscle shirts, tank tops, halter tops
  • Hockey jerseys or sports team wear
  • Gym shorts, sweats or tennis shorts

Pull Carts

  • Pull carts are complimentary to Huron Oaks and Greenwood members only
  • DO NOT pull them onto tees, greens, and into bunkers
  • Keep them off aprons of greens and at least 10 yards from the greens
  • Keep all carts out of fescue
  • Please observe all signs and roped off areas on golf course

Power Carts

  • Renter is responsible for all damages caused to the golf cart and/or golf course
  • Golf carts should be driven with proper care.
  • Keep them off wet areas and to the outside of green side bunkers at least 20 yards away from greens
  • Please keep carts out of fescue, use cart paths whenever possible and observe all signs and roped of areas
  • A cart may have no more than 2 persons riding at any time
  • No cooler bags are permitted, unless purchased from the club house, halfway house or beverage cart

10 ROUND GAME PLAY Huron Oaks Or Greenwood

You may purchase a 10 game play at Huron Oaks or Greenwood. The 10 game play card is offered at the beginning of the golf season. Limited numbers of 10 round game play cards will be offered at each club.

  • All rounds to be used within the golf season at the club you choose to play
  • 10 round game card is not valid for member events
  • Tee times are required. Book online or call the pro shop
  • 10 round game card must be presented to Pro Shop Staff in order to receive a receipt for the starter